Graft-tunnel mismatch in endoscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

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Graft-tunnel mismatch in endoscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Intraoperative and cadaver measurement of the intra-articular graft length and the length of the patellar tendon.

Denti M, Bigoni M, Randelli P, Monteleone M, Cevenini A, Ghezzi A, Schiavone Panni A, Trevisan C.


The results of a study conducted on 50 knees endoscopically reconstructed for an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) lesion with a free bone-patellar tendon-bone graft and 9 cadaver knees are reported....

The mean lengths of the patellar tendon (45.48 +/- 4.71 mm) and intra-articular ACL graft (20.44 +/- 1.98 mm) were measured in the operated knees. The mean length of the tibial bone tunnel (51.62 +/- 2.60 mm) was also measured with a tibial guide at 55 degrees. No statistically significant correlation was found between these three measurements. The length of the patellar tendon was weakly correlated with body height. Measurement of the tibial tunnel on the cadaver knees with increasing degrees of inclination revealed a mean length increase of 0.68 mm per degree (confidence limits: 0.49-0.86). Comparison between the tunnel lengths obtained with the guide and those measured with a Kirschner wire showed a mean difference of 2.3 mm. It is thus desirable to make the tunnel about 53 mm long to ensure excellent fixation of a 28 mm bone block with a 25 mm interference screw. Correct measurement of the anatomical structures involved is in any event an essential requirement for proper execution of the surgical technique.

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