12/7/2010 16:59:58 (5116 Letto)

Distal realignment and patellar autologous chondrocyte implantation: mid-term results in a selected population.

Gigante A, Enea D, Greco F, Bait C, Denti M, Schonhuber H, Volpi P.


The aim of this prospective observational study was to assess the 3-year clinical outcome of distal realignment and membrane-seeded autologous chondrocyte implantation (MACI) in selected patients with patellofemoral malalignment and large, isolated, patellar cartilage lesions...

12/7/2010 16:58:24 (4196 Letto)

Randomization procedures in orthopaedic trials.

Randelli P, Arrigoni P, Lubowitz JH, Cabitza P, Denti M.


Historically, the surgical literature has lacked in reports of randomized clinical trials...

12/7/2010 16:57:18 (4323 Letto)

Effects of prolonged immobilization of the limb on radial artery mechanical properties.

Giannattasio C, Failla M, Grappiolo A, Bigoni M, Carugo S, Denti M, Mancia G.


Physical training is associated with an increase in arterial distensibility. Whether the effect of training on this variable is evident also for ordinary levels of exercise or no exercise is unknown, however...

12/7/2010 16:56:00 (5306 Letto)

Comparison of "catheter" and conventional arthroscopy in the diagnosis of knee derangements

Denti M, Arosio A, Trevisan C.


The diagnostic efficiency of the Optical Catheter System (OCS), which uses a 1.7-mm arthroscope, was compared with that of conventional arthroscopy in 50 patients with various knee derangements in standard arthroscopic conditions...


12/7/2010 16:54:45 (5446 Letto)

Medial patellar synovial plica syndrome.

Denti M, Monteleone M, Berardi A, Arosio A.


The results obtained after 4-8 years in 42 patients submitted to arthroscopy for the treatment of medial patellar synovial plica syndrome are analyzed...

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