Legamenti : Effects of prolonged immobilization of the limb
12/7/2010 16:57:18 (4455 Letto)

Effects of prolonged immobilization of the limb on radial artery mechanical properties.

Giannattasio C, Failla M, Grappiolo A, Bigoni M, Carugo S, Denti M, Mancia G.


Physical training is associated with an increase in arterial distensibility. Whether the effect of training on this variable is evident also for ordinary levels of exercise or no exercise is unknown, however...

We have addressed this issue by investigating the effect on radial artery distensibility of prolonged monolateral immobilization of the ipsilateral limb versus the following resumption of normal mobility. We studied 7 normotensive subjects (age, 25.4+/-3.0 years; systolic/diastolic blood pressure, 119+/-9/68+/-6 mm Hg, mean+/-SE) in whom 1 limb had been immobilized for 30 days in plaster because of a fracture of the elbow. At both the day after plaster removal and after 45 days of rehabilitation, radial artery distensibility was evaluated by an echo-tracking device (NIUS-02), which allows arterial diameter to be measured noninvasively and continuously over all pressures from diastole to systole (finger monitoring), with the distensibility values being continuously derived from the Langewouters formula. In both instances, the contralateral arm was used as control. Immediately after removal of the plaster, radial artery distensibility was markedly less in the previously immobilized and fractured limb compared with the contralateral limb (0.4+/-0.1 versus 0.8+/-0.1, 1/mm Hg 10(-3), P<0.05). After rehabilitation, the distensibility of the radial artery was markedly increased in the previously fractured limb (0.65+/-0.1 1/mm Hg 10(-3), P<0.05), whereas no change was seen in the contralateral limb. Thus, complete interruption of physical activity is associated with a marked reduction of arterial distensibility, indicating that even an ordinary level of activity plays a major role in modulation of arterial mechanical properties.

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