Legamenti : The role of the rehabilitation brace in restoring knee extension
12/7/2010 16:29:08 (4994 Letto)

The role of the rehabilitation brace in restoring knee extension after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a prospective controlled study.

Melegati G, Tornese D, Bandi M, Volpi P, Schonhuber H, Denti M.


To evaluate the effects of a rehabilitation brace locked in extension for the first week on the recovery of full extension after ACL reconstruction we compared two groups of subjects who underwent ACL bone-patellar tendon-bone reconstruction....

The brace was unlocked twice a day for assisted physiotherapy. In Group A, 18 male subjects wore a post-operative brace locked from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. In Group B, 18 male subjects wore the same post-op brace locked in full extension for the first week. In both groups the brace was unlocked (0 degrees -120 degrees ) at the beginning of the second postoperative week, and then removed at the beginning of the third week. All the subjects followed the same rigorous, accelerated rehabilitation protocol. Each subject was evaluated pre and post-operatively (at second, fourth and eighth week) with bubble-level heel height difference (HHD) measurements and KT 1000 arthrometric assessment at the fourth postoperative month. Preoperative bubble-level HHD measurements of the two groups were statistically similar (Group A 0.6 cm, Group B 1 cm; not significant, n.s.). At the fourth week (Group A 2.2 cm, Group B 0.6 cm) and eighth week (Group A 1.6 cm, Group B 0.1 cm) follow-ups, bubble-level HHD measurements showed that the extension of the operated knees of Group B was significantly greater than in Group A. KT 1000 arthrometric scores showed no difference between the two groups (Group A 1.8 mm, Group B 1.5; n.s.).

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