Legamenti : Quantification of active ROM after arthroscopic Bankart
12/7/2010 16:51:48 (4496 Letto)

Quantification of active ROM after arthroscopic Bankart repair with rotator interval closure.

Randelli P, Arrigoni P, Polli L, Cabitza P, Denti M.


Several series report patients homogeneously treated using arthroscopic Bankart repair exclusively, or in some cases arthroscopic Bankart repair with rotator interval closure...

Current international literature has few reports on arthroscopic Bankart repair with rotator interval closure procedures undertaken on a homogeneous series of patients. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the residual active range of motion (ROM) and clinical outcome in this patient population. Fourteen patients affected by recurrent anterior instability were consecutively treated. Rowe, Walch-Duplay, and UCLA scores, as well as differences in active ROM of both shoulders (treated and contralateral), were recorded. A significant reduction in active external rotation was noted along the side of the arm (P<.001) and at 90 degrees of abduction (P=.007). The average reduction was 12.14 degrees and 7.21 degrees, respectively, which represents 17.8% and 8% of the arc of motion of the opposite side in external rotation. No significant differences were found for flexion, abduction, and internal rotation. According to Walch-Duplay and Rowe scores, 71.4% and 85.7% of patients had excellent or good results. Arthroscopic Bankart repair with rotator interval closure results in a reduction of external rotation and provides satisfactory stability results.

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